Small-to-Medium Businesses


BizBlend will provide a seamless experience of your core business processes and applications starting with our state-of-the-art eCommerce platform and comes preintegrated with CRM and Accounting to automate your back-office. You can add on to that as you need to as your business needs grow. 


As your business grows, with BizBlend you can scale and integrate other applications as needed. 


The Problem: 

Most businesses, especially Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB),  struggle with trying to pick the right software tools they need to run their business, especially as they scale and try to pick the right eCommerce, CRM, Accounting software and more. 

To compound the problem, once they do choose these applications, they do not automatically integrate without considerable effort, time, and costs. To make matters worse, most SMB’s do not have the skills or resources necessary to close the gaps.

This state of existence results in double or triple entry, errors and omissions across disparate application. This is an impediment to growth, quality, and poor efficiency for the business owner.

Our Solution: 

Our turn-key SMB integrated solution called BizBlend solves this problem by providing an integrated  eCommerce, CRM, and Quickbooks Online platform that is pre-mapped to seamlessly integrate these business applications through our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) technology build in the Cloud.


  • Eliminates repetitive data entry, errors, and omissions saving time and money
  • Automate the business processes enabling growth 
  • Provides a Scalable & Extensible solutions to grow with the business
  • Provides a single trusted source for future technology needs
  • Frees up the owner to focus on the things that matter most